Vignette d'accompagnement et de loisir

Get the Companion Sticker

The Tourist and Leisure Companion Sticker (TLCS) gives free access to the companions of people aged 12 and older with a permanent disability. A permanent disability includes, but is not limited to, physical, intellectual, developmental and sensory disabilities, as well as mental illness.

To apply for the tourist and leisure sticker, you must fill out the application form. To do this, you simply provide the information requested and submit your application online.

Processing of the request and sending of the accompaniment sticker will be made by an accrediting organization in your area. It takes a period of approximately three weeks to receive your accompaniment sticker.

Application for the companion sticker

Application type


Information concerning the autonomy of the applicant


If yes, answer the following questions, if not go to the nutrition section.


Is the applicant able to independently:

Personal care

Is the applicant able to be autonomous for:

Interpersonal relationship

Is the applicant able to be autonomous for:

Transports and transferring

How does the applicant get around?

Is the applicant able to move around independently on:

Is the applicant able to orient him or herself in a:

Does the applicant use autonomously: