Vignette d'accompagnement et de loisir

What is a companion?

A companion is a person whose presence at an activity is essential for the participation of the person with a disability. The latter is assured a safe and pleasant outing in light of the companion's support. This type of assistance is not normally required for the majority of the population.

It is up to the user of the companion sticker or his/her guardian to choose the companion. A parent, volunteer worker or a friend are among those who may be chosen as a companion.

However, it is important to remember that a person with a disability is not necessarily in a wheelchair, or with a guide dog, and does not always need a walking stick. These examples only account for a fraction of the people with a disability. In whole, it is fairly common to see a person with a disability without any technical aids, but who would nonetheless need supportive care and attention in order to take part in an activity or event.