Vignette d'accompagnement et de loisir

How can businesses or organizations benefit from the program?

Persons with a disability are important prospective clients whose patronage is worth capturing. Thirteen percent of the population of Quebec have a disability, and that accounts for more than one million people. Likewise, the companion sticker is an opportunity for the tourist, cultural and recreational industry to expand its market - the sticker is instrumental in the participation of a client group that would not otherwise cross its gates, in many cases due to the extra cost incurred by the essential presence of a companion. The Tourist and Leisure Companion Sticker (TLCS) Program has been developed to remedy this situation.

People with a disability; be it intellectual, hearing loss, mobility, visual or who have a mental illness, are found in all levels of society, without distinction as to age, sex or race. However, due to an appalling lack of information, these persons must still overcome insurmountable barriers every day with respect to accessibility.

It must be admitted that persons with a disability or mental illness now live in the community; gone are the days of institutionalization. More and more, these persons are encouraged to engage in the same activities as the general population. On the other hand, in order to participate, disabled people sometimes have specific needs that must be addressed. For example, they must be accompanied by another person who will give them the necessary help during their trip, to orient themselves, to eat, all in all, to make the outing both safe and pleasant. Because although these people are from different layers of society, they still have the desire and need to participate in these types of activities, unfortunately many of them are among the poorest financially. It is this situation that the tourist and leisure sticker program is trying to correct. In addition, the person with a disability or a mental health problem and his or her companion are still two clients that will promote the companies or organizations they visit, as they speak to their friends. You must not forget that the free entry only applies to the companion, so they also represent two consumers if food and/or souvenirs sold on site.