Vignette d'accompagnement et de loisir

How is the program delivered?

To submit a request for a Tourist and Leisure Companion Sticker (TLCS), simply fill out the Acknowledgement of the Need for a Companion Form and send it to us. The completed form will then be forwarded to an accredited organization located in the region inhabited by the applicant.

Once the need for a companion is accredited, that person will receive free of charge a companion sticker that must be pasted on to an identification card, preferably one with photo. Only upon showing the companion sticker at wickets of one of the many tourist, cultural or recreational sites will free access be granted to the companion. As for the companion sticker owner, he/she must pay his/her own admission, as would any other citizen.

The companion sticker will not expire, because it is allocated to a person whose disability or mental illness is permanent. However, as the sticker is generally affixed to an I.D. card, it will automatically have to be replaced if the I.D. card has an expiry date. If so, you need to go back to the website and fill out the applicants form again this time clicking on the (renewal of application) button.