Vignette d'accompagnement et de loisir

How are new businesses or organizations recruited?

In order for the managers of tourist and recreational sites to agree to give free admission to the companion of a TLCS owner, they must be approached. This is what we call "canvassing". In a first phase, regional partners of Zone Loisir Montérégie make a list of potential sites among which they first create awareness of the needs of persons with a disability, and then the sites are briefed on the benefits of the companion sticker program.

Canvassing is also the responsibility of the companion sticker holders, local and regional organizations for persons with a disability, companions and workers involved in the field. Such being the case, cooperation is critical to the continuation and expansion of the network of tourist, cultural and recreational businesses or organizations.

Cooperation among companion sticker owners and local organizations is also of essential importance in relation to the monitoring of the program. As such, these persons could inform us of the opening of a new site or of the sale or shutdown of a business associated with the companion sticker program.

According to the AQLPH, there are approximately 500 local organizations in support of persons with a disability or mental illness throughout Quebec. If each organization was successful in recruiting two local businesses, companion sticker owners would have access to 1000 new destinations. The following are some examples of prospective businesses and sites.

  • vineyards and cider factories
  • museums and interpretation centres
  • zoological gardens and aquariums
  • flower gardens
  • heritage sites
  • entertainment buildings
  • exhibition galleries
  • movie theatres and drive-in movie theatres
  • bowling centres
  • cultural activities
  • miniature golf
  • golf course
  • public beaches
  • municipal swimming pools
  • various courses
  • arenas and outdoor skating rinks
  • celebrations and festivals
  • etc.

It should be noted that the Tourist and Leisure Companion Sticker (TLCS) is not applicable to restaurants, lodging establishments and transportation undertakings. Moreover, agreements managed by other organizations are already in force with some transportation companies.